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The “Mockers” of March! (Part One in Passover Series)

irish monkeyThe “Madness” of March is Real – And it is not due to college basketball season, or spring sales!

It is due to the spiritual energy and contention of “mocking” that increases in the spirit realm, just prior to Passover every year.

It took me some years to recognize this March pattern. When I saw I had recorded the word “CRASHED” in both my 2012 and 2013 journals, on the exact same date of March 12th –  it was time to seek God for answers!

And answers He has begun to reveal!

March is the month when the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness fight for spiritual advancement on the earth! Continue reading

The Lord called her, “Mrs. Valiant!”

valiantAnd she began to weep…

He went on to say,

“Devoted, endearing, steadfast and true,”

And she melted into my arms.

I held her as she sobbed in wonder – daring to believe – “This is how Jesus sees me? Mrs. Valiant? Not Much Afraid?” Oh yes He does!

Now, imagine being called valiant by God. How joyous! Exhilarating! Powerful! Not to mention a huge relief if we’ve been seeing ourselves as Much Afraid*!

When God speaks, we are transformed, empowered – and propelled into destiny. Continue reading

The Comparison “Crash…”


compare kids icecream“Compare Yourself NOT with Another!”

Sound advice Jesus has spoken to me several times…

Comparison is a deadly snare.

When we compare ourselves to others we end up either better than, or less than. Never a good thing (2 Cor 10:12).

Recently, I was triggered into the “crash of comparison,” by a Facebook post that hit up against the deep inner belief system that somehow I missed God. My greatest fear. Continue reading

The Trust “Crash”

trust man not going to catchWhat happens when we choose to trust… take a risk… and that person or thing we trusted in does not catch us?

We crash.

And sometimes…  we break.

What does it look like to recover from a trust crash?  Well, that depends on who and what we are trusting in…

Circumstances? People? Ourselves? Or God?

Recovery depends on the height of our trust in God, the depth of the crash –

And the choices we make there on the floor. Continue reading