TODAY – Passover & Good Friday – The One New Man (Part Three Passover Series)

Jesus donkeyToday Is Good Friday, the day all of Christendom remembers and honors Jesus’ suffering and death upon the Cross of Calvary.

Today is also Erev Pesach – the Eve of Passover. The very night that Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated Passover with His disciples and instituted the New Covenant in His body and blood (1Cor 11:23-25).


TODAY is the perfect day of celebration for the One New Man (Eph. 2:11-16).  Messianic Jews and Gentiles  – united  – celebrating the Passover Seder. Both groups as one, celebrating and remembering our Blessed Redeemer Yeshua, our Passover Lamb.

Just now as I wrote the word TODAY for the fourth time – I am reminded of this warning, Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts,” (Hebrews 3:15; 4:7).

TODAY is a new day of revelation that Jews are to live as Jews – even after receiving Jesus as Messiah. And, Gentiles are not called to be Jews. Both are one in Jesus. Together we celebrate the biblical feasts of the Lord as laid out by God in the Torah.

When I first learned that Jews are to live as Jews, even after accepting Jesus as their Messiah, I was shocked. Aren’t they supposed to become Christians? Assimilate and forget all this Jewish business? No! “The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29).

I will write more on this in the near future – but for now – TODAY – if all of this is new to you, please do not harden your heart. Come along with me into my journey of discovery, and ask your beloved Jesus – to reveal His Jewish heart to you. Jesus is a Jew for a reason. And, as His Betrothed, we want to know all we can about Him – Today – He is inviting you to understand Him in a greater way, through The Passover Seder.

garden tomb


God awakened me to the difference between the Christian celebration of Communion, and the Jewish celebration of  Passover, while in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, in 2004.

 Our Messianic tour leader, Dr. Naomi-Beltz, was teaching on communion, and Passover. As she taught, the Holy Spirit awakened the revelation within me that the communion I have always understood as a Christian, was in actuality, Passover.

And – that day – which was a huge ‘TODAY’ in my life – I chose not to harden my heart, but rather invite Jesus – Yeshua – deeper into my heart through the revelation of Him in the Passover Seder. That day, I purchased a beautiful Seder Plate in the Old City of Jerusalem, and ever since that time, I have grown more in love with Yeshua, as I recognize and understand Him in His Jewishness.

I still love and participate in communion every chance I get. In the new covenant, I see we are to remember Jesus, through communion. AND, remember Him through the Passover.

This is not to be a new “rule” to live by – but rather an invitation to know and love our Savior in ever increasing measure, through the celebration of the biblical feasts of the Lord, and understanding the Jewish roots of our faith.


Yeshua means – Salvation! Passover is the  “telling” of the story of salvation. Yeshua IS the story of Salvation.

Yeshua instituted the New Covenant in His body and blood during the Passover Seder. He did not abolish Passover in His death and resurrection. Rather, He modeled to His disciples that He IS the Passover – in every way. And, from that day forward, every year when Passover is celebrated, we are to “Do this in remembrance of Him,” (Luke 22:19; 1Cor 11:24-25).

Matzo – “This is My Body.”  When we break and eat the unleavened, striped, pierced matzo, we are to remember Him, the bread of life (John 6:35) – broken, beaten and pierced  for our sins.

The Third Cup – “This is My Blood.”  The third of the four cups of Passover, corresponds to Exodus 6:6, “I will redeem you.” Yeshua used the “cup of redemption” as the third cup is called, to inaugurate the new covenant.


TODAY – is the perfect day to embrace a greater understanding of what God is doing through the revelation and celebration of the “One New Man,” both Jew and Gentile.

For me, celebrating together with our Jewish brothers and sisters, the salvation that has come to all of us through their Jewish Messiah – is glorious!

Together – Jew and Gentile – we are a picture of the fullness of what God has accomplished through the covenants of promise He instituted through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And then fulfilled, through Yeshua – the Messiah – our Salvation!


For more information about Yeshua in the Passover Seder – and how all of the Jewish Feasts are ours too as Christians – check out Hebrew for Christians.

2 thoughts on “TODAY – Passover & Good Friday – The One New Man (Part Three Passover Series)

  1. Barbara Duncan

    Thank you for writing this most informative, refreshing, and encouraging article. It deepens our understanding and actually helps us to comprehend more of the Heart of God in all that He has promised to Israel and to us through Israel.
    Thank you also for revealing your heart and your journey. We are all enriched by this and I hope and pray for many to read and be taken into the revelation of our blessed Jewish roots.
    Much love to you dear Michele

    1. Michele Post author

      Thank you Barbara! I am deeply enriched through this journey into the Jewish roots of our faith. Our Savior – Yeshua – is worthy to be loved, celebrated, and valued in every way! I too hope and pray many more will be touched with the truth and beauty of how our Jewish brothers and sisters have kept faith alive for centuries! Much love to you too!


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