Fashioned to Dream!



God created the mystical conduit of dreams in order to communicate with people 24/7. 

God actually fashions dreams – specifically for the dreamer! 

In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, God opens people’s ears and seals the matter…”                (Job 33:15).

 What has God fashioned for you lately?

What is He whispering to you while you slumber on your bed?

  • Is He calling you higher?
  • Is He revealing your destiny? 
  • Is He warning you of an impending disaster? 
  • Is He showering you with love, encouragement and comfort?
  • Is He revealing issues in your soul that hinder His love & healing?
  • Is He empowering you in the battle to overcome the schemes of the evil one?

God does all of this and more, through our dreams… 


Dreams are “picture” language that must be deciphered and interpreted in order to receive the revelation and benefit hidden within its colors, symbols and metaphors.

When dreams are perceived as so much junk-mail needing to be discarded – we miss the valuable messages God is trying to communicate to us. When we ask God to reveal Himself to us in our dreams He does.

God has fashioned us to dream. God desires for us to understand and value the dreams He designs for us. The more we pay attention and value our dreams, the more dreams God will give to us. Understanding our dreams opens up a level of communication with God that is empowering and life-changing.

Below is a two-part dream that illustrates this point.


I was dreaming in the twilight state between waking and sleep:

Part 1)  I saw dreams of vibrant living color, moving, active, swirling around and coming from above into a suitcase. And the suitcase closed. As I came awake, I heard the words;

“Dreams get forgotten inside the suitcase of where you want to go.”

I’ve learned that words heard in the “twilight” as we first come into consciousness, hold more weight of revelation. It is important to record precisely what we hear when this happens. And then seek the Lord for enlightenment.

I recorded the above dream experience and the precise words that I heard into the voice memo on my phone. Then, I fell back to sleep and the dream continued:

(Part 2)   I saw the suitcase full of dreams in the hands of the dreamer. She knew what her dreams were. She knew what they meant. She knew what she was fashioned to do and her living, active, glorious dreams were alive in her life, able to be utilized everywhere she went for the purpose God had designed, especially for her!

I came awake from part two of this dream with an “Ah-ha” moment and said, “Oh, that’s what happens!”

INTERPRETATION:   When we give no value to our dreams; both sleeping dreams and ‘true-life’ dreams; they are locked away in a suitcase and left behind; useless to direct and empower us to get where we want to go.

When we understand and value the messages of our dreams, we become interactive with God’s work in our life. We are empowered to do the work He has called us to. In essence – we are packed with God’s revelation and ready to go wherever He leads us!



Intrinsic dreams are about the dreamer (us).

Extrinsic dreams are about another person, place or thing that God is highlighting for our benefit, instruction, warning, or teaching.

The above dream I shared is an “extrinsic” dream because I am not the focus of the dream. Dreams – and what to do with them – are the focus of this dream.

There are Three Sources of Dreams:

  • God,
  • Our Soul,
  • The Enemy.

The ‘subconscious’ – vulnerable nature of dreams. 

When we sleep our body is slumbering and dormant, while our soul and spirit are awake, aware, and active.

Sleep is actually a state of vulnerability when the demands of our body are silent and our subconscious mind is free to explore and experience the depths of our soul and spirit. Sleeping, we are free to receive input from the ‘outside’ sources of God and the enemy.

God Dreams: Our born-again spirit is in union with God 24/7. While our body sleeps, unhindered from the cares of our waking life, our spirit man is free to receive input from the Holy Spirit. And, explore the wonder and glory of the spirit realm. God dreams are often in bright, vibrant colors and full of metaphorical, mysterious pictures and symbols.

God instructs our spirit-man while we sleep. God sends angels with messages from heaven. Often a nameless-faceless man or woman in a dream is either the Holy Spirit, or an angel.

Lucid dreams of the spirit are truly interactive experiences with God that become intercession that releases the will of heaven into the realm of earth.

Soul Dreams: Our soul is comprised of our mind, will and intellect. Asleep, our soul is free to experience feelings and possibly painful memories locked deep within our psyche that may be too painful to face awake. Unhealed wounds and trauma can become the source of fearful, nightmarish dreams.

Dark Dreams:  Devils influence our sin nature in the waking world. They exploit our vulnerable sleep state and magnify our fears to torment us. Devils inhabit the ‘strongholds’ of our sin nature, so the more interactive we are with the Holy Spirit, renewing and washing our mind through the water of God’s Word  – the less influence the demonic realm has during sleep.

Devils also understand the calling God has on our life, often, more than we do. So they target specific issues that hinder our walk with God. They influence our dreams and actually reveal the plans they have to destroy us and our loved ones.

Go on the offensive! When we understand the nature of dark dreams, we then “reverse” the plans the enemy has for us and turn a fearful dream into the action of faith.

Faith is the opposite of fear. When something fearful happens in a dream, or when a temptation is magnified in a dream, we go on the offensive in our authority in Christ. We stop the evil plans of the enemy and release the plans God has for our life. In essence, binding and loosing as Jesus taught us to do.



  1. Write down and title the dream. Giving a title to a dream is the first step in interpretation.
  2. Pray and ask the Lord to help you understand what He is communicating to you.
  3. Is the dream about you – or someone else?
  4. What were the major feelings the dream evoked?
  5. What colors – if any – were highlighted?
  6. What biblical metaphors were in the dream if any, i.e. prophets, angels, water, arrows, light, mountains, scrolls/books, etc.
  7. What objects were in the dream? i.e. vehicles, buildings, animals, knives, backpack, etc.
  8. Was the dream in your real home? If so, this means there is a literal issue in your life that God desires to deal with, and is communicating this to you.
  9. What people were in your dream? People you know? If so, what does this person mean to you? Is this person acting contrary to how you know them in real life? If so, ask God why?
  10. Is this a recurring dream? If so, there is a message we are not getting that God wants us to understand and be delivered from.


I have created a dream interpretation blog with three fellow dreamers who completed all three of John Paul Jackson’s Understanding Dreams & Visions courses.

If you have a taken the steps above to understand your dream, and yet are having difficulty in the interpretation, you can submit your dream to us, and we will prayerfully send you what we feel the interpretation may be. (Dream Submission Form).

May you be enlightened, empowered and set free through your dreams!


4 thoughts on “Fashioned to Dream!

  1. Barbara Duncan

    What a wonderful invitation and revelation for us in this article. I am so grateful for this information and plan to be more and more aware of how God is speaking to me in my dreams. I hope to learn more about interpretation of dreams to enlarge others understanding of God’s tremendous commitment to us to speak, teach, encourage and help us to know His great and good plans for us.
    Thank you Michele for your faithfulness to invite us into this deeper revelation of our faithful and wonderful God.

  2. Michele Post author

    Thank you Barbara! It is so encouraging to receive your input. It is my desire to awaken people to the amazing world of dreams – and how powerful it is to understand God is communicating to us through our dreams.

    Much love – and happy dreaming!

  3. Jackie

    Hi Michele, I’m loving this! It has taken me back to Jan’s dream when the Lord whispered in her ear after my mom passed. Thank you for this incite . I will defiantly be more diligent with my dreams.

    Love You

    1. Michele Post author

      Hey Jackie!

      Great to hear from you! So glad you are encouraged to pay more attention to your dreams. I know when we do, the Lord sends us more! God is communicating to us while we are asleep – and we miss so many of His night-time parables when we do not understand the importance of our dream life. Much love – and happy dreaming!


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