Warning Dream: “The Choice”

God desires to spare us from unnecessary heartache, loss and pain – so He designs warning dreams to expose evil and temptation in our life.

Jesus taught us to pray – “Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil,” (Matt 6:13).  Warning dreams are a major way God answers this prayer!

Read this warning dream – and its interpretation to see how this works. Our dreamer, Patty, has confirmed the dream’s interpretation – and has made a choice that will guide her into safety for her own life – and the lives of those who look up to her in Jesus.


I had a dream in which I saw my biological brother telling me to drink from a clean water. There were two types of water;

1) clean water ready to drink.

2) filthy water with bacteria (I could see the bacteria and microbes moving in the water).

Then, I decided to go sit down at the only seat available. I looked down then I realized I was in a highest place (heights as three or four building level) that looking down causes me fear. There was a pool in the first level and people were looking up to me. I wasn’t jumping since I was afraid of the height.”


What do you think the dream is saying to the dreamer?


I emailed the interpretation & prayer below to the dreamer. Under my interpretation & prayer is an email response confirming the dream.

I praise God for the way He speaks to us! I praise Him for His heart to spare us, guide us, love us – and lead us not into temptation!



You have reached height in the Spirit; in revelation, and in your service to the Lord. You have people looking up to you as an example. You have been given a choice to drink pure spiritual water from the Word of God. Or, drink polluted water from the world system; filled with bacteria that would go into your system and pollute you, and those who are looking up to you.

You chose to sit on the only available seat – you chose to sit and wait upon the Lord. Sitting is ‘rest.’ You were then able to see the height, and the people. Drinking the polluted water would plunge you down from the place the Lord has brought you so far in your walk with Him in the area of revelation and Spiritual input.

*   *   *

Your brother signifies your real brother – therefore this is a real issue in your life. There is real pollution being offered to you…

And your ‘brother’ is the Lord, telling you to drink clean water. You have a real choice set before you.

*   *   *

I have prayed for you today. I ask the Lord to reveal to you what the source of the ‘bacteria’ water is. I thank the Lord in your spirit you knew to sit down, you chose to wait on the Lord. As you do in your waking life. God will show you the ‘source’ of the polluted water to keep you safe and on the track of the pure, clean, spiritual revelation and life that He desires for you.

Jesus does not want you to fall from this spiritual height. He desires the purity of His essence and life to keep you safe – and soaring to new heights!


Email Subject: Re: Dream Interpretation: “The Choice”

Hi Michele:

“I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to pray and go over my dream. I do give you my permission to post it using my name. I completely agree with the revelation the Lord gave you about my dream. I have made my decision and I am not going to lose what the LORD blessed me with for someone who is not following God’s commandments and is trying to be a stumbling block for me.  In addition, a brother from church came up to me yesterday to tell me that “I have to wait onto the LORD that HE will take me places where there will be multitudes of people waiting for God’s word to be delivered through me.” You mentioned, “seat and wait upon the Lord. Sitting is “rest” it confirmed me I have to wait upon the LORD.  Thanks a lot Michele all glory be to Yeshua.”

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