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A Man I Never Knew –

This poem was written by a young woman who met Jesus while she was in prison. The simplicity of her child-like faith blessed me so much I asked her for a copy and she gave me permission to share it with others.


Written by Mona McCall  in CRC Women’s Prison, 1993 

I never knew a man – a man I couldn’t see.

A man that says I could be everything, I ever dreamed I could be.

 A man that takes away everything, the biggest of my fears,

A man that says He counts not just one… but all my tears.  

A man that gives me sunshine, and showers me with rain,

A man that holds me close – When my heart is filled with pain.

 It was hard at first, for me to trust… Trust a man I couldn’t see.

 It was hard for me to understand – How could this man love me? Continue reading

The CANCER Killers – There is ALWAYS a Way!

“There is ALWAYS a way!” declares Dr. Charles Majors as he paces energetically across the stage.

“There are three types of people,” he explains.

“The quitters who blame everyone and everything – other than themselves, and go nowhere.”

“The dreamers who work hard, believe and fight on, time and time again, until one too many traumas, disappointments and tragedies cause them to give up on their dreams and they stop.”

“And then there are the few who no matter what trauma, disappointment, or delay of their dreams they encounter, they never quit. These people fight on and believe – THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY! And these are the ones who find that way!” Continue reading