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The CANCER Killers – There is ALWAYS a Way!

“There is ALWAYS a way!” declares Dr. Charles Majors as he paces energetically across the stage.

“There are three types of people,” he explains.

“The quitters who blame everyone and everything – other than themselves, and go nowhere.”

“The dreamers who work hard, believe and fight on, time and time again, until one too many traumas, disappointments and tragedies cause them to give up on their dreams and they stop.”

“And then there are the few who no matter what trauma, disappointment, or delay of their dreams they encounter, they never quit. These people fight on and believe – THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY! And these are the ones who find that way!” Continue reading

KILL the Lion of FEAR!


Have you ever faced the LION of FEAR?

It’s ferocious. Deadly. Real.

The moment my husband Mike was diagnosed with deadly cancer – both FEAR and FAITH – declared war in my heart.

FAITH – God is greater than any cancer diagnosis! God heals! Jesus loves me!

FEAR –  But… all the people who I have ever fought for in faith and prayer to be healed of cancer, died. Continue reading

CANCER! The Death Sentence… BUT – We Choose LIFE!!!


No other word in the English language strikes more instant, horrifying and mind numbing fear than the word “cancer” coming out of your doctor’s mouth.

On Thursday, September 17, 2015 – my husband Mike and I went into the Emergency Room of San Bernardino Comm Hospital expecting to have Mike’s gallbladder removed – in and out, home the same day – no big deal, right?

Instead, after a series of tests, Mike was given a “cholangiocarcinoma” cancer diagnosis – with a six month death sentence attached to it!

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