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Here we talk about loving Jesus, choosing to walk with Him in love, despite religious abuse, loss and tragedy. Learning to overcome, and walk in the triumphant of love.

Passover – The ULTIMATE Fulfillment!


In 2004 I had the honor and privilege of experiencing Israel for the first time. And it was there, in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, that the Lord opened my eyes to the significance of celebrating Passover each year.

As we took communion, and I pondered the words of Jesus, “Do this in Remembrance of Me,” I realized that it was during the Passover meal that Jesus spoke these words. In essence what Jesus was saying is –

     “Now, when you celebrate Passover – REMEMBER ME, (1 Cor 11:24)

Yeshua was INCLUDING His fulfillment of Passover – into the Passover celebration.  Not fulfilling it in a way that we are no longer to celebrate a FOREVER ordinance of God! Continue reading

KILL the Lion of FEAR!


Have you ever faced the LION of FEAR?

It’s ferocious. Deadly. Real.

The moment my husband Mike was diagnosed with deadly cancer – both FEAR and FAITH – declared war in my heart.

FAITH – God is greater than any cancer diagnosis! God heals! Jesus loves me!

FEAR –  But… all the people who I have ever fought for in faith and prayer to be healed of cancer, died. Continue reading

The Trust “Crash”

trust man not going to catchWhat happens when we choose to trust… take a risk… and that person or thing we trusted in does not catch us?

We crash.

And sometimes…  we break.

What does it look like to recover from a trust crash?  Well, that depends on who and what we are trusting in…

Circumstances? People? Ourselves? Or God?

Recovery depends on the height of our trust in God, the depth of the crash –

And the choices we make there on the floor. Continue reading

Why Are People Leaving the Church?

leaving church

     Alarming multitudes of  disillusioned, disappointed and discouraged people are leaving the church.

Not just the young, but all ages.



Otherwise, church becomes a social structure of “do’s” and “don’ts.”

A place where people learn a “system” of behavior that supposedly pleases God…

This system, when performed right, certainly pleases head pastors and church leaders, but has nothing to do with actually pleasing God. Or, knowing Jesus.

Church can become a human structure of performance, void of the living-breathing, life-transforming presence of the Holy Spirit.

We need God. Present. Healing. Transforming our lives. We need to feel and understand God loves us. Not only in words taught from the pulpit, but in and through God’s tangible presence working in and through His people.

The Business of Church? Or Jesus?

Church, without God’s presence, is business as usual. Boring. Irrelevant. Predictable. People going through the motions of what’s expected. No questions allowed. No rocking the boat of status quo.

Church business teaches the traditions and philosophy of men, which, make the Word of God of no affect (Mark 7: 7-9, Col 2:8).

Jesus not only rocked the boat of man’s traditions – He bypassed it all together and walked on water!

Jesus was the living embodiment of doing things God’s way, not man’s. The Kingdom of God, burst into the earth in Technicolor through Jesus.

Water turned to wine! The dead raised! Lepers cleansed! The blind see! The deaf hear!

Church should NEVER be boring!

The clock of human history stopped and started over with the birth of Jesus. B.C. – (Before Christ) became  A.D. – anno domini, which is Latin for; In the year of Our Lord.

People need to encounter this world-stopping Jesus! Not church business as usual. Continue reading

Sprinkle, Dunk, Soak!

baptism jesusSome years ago, while teaching a women’s retreat for a multi-denominational Christian organization supporting American Army troops abroad, The Holy Spirit blessed us with His presence. Women were baptized in the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Some women were delighted! Others were not.

Some of the leaders of this organization, who adamantly believed that God does not do this sort of thing now a days – marched off in protest to the Army Chaplain in charge. Continue reading