Health & Nutrition Coach

Due to my husband Mike’s miraculous healing from a deadly cancer diagnosis through prayer and nutrition – I went back to school and received training to become a:

Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

I received my training and certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  I am certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Have you been wanting to:

  • Improve your eating habits?
  • Understand your body better?
  • Make your self-care a priority?
  • Feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for you and your love ones?
  • Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life?

No one diet works for everyone.

As a Health Coach, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. I work with my clients and students to help them create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of denial and discipline. By working together, we can discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health coals.

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?

Check out these Testimonials & Success Stories of people who have been working with me as their health coach.

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Personalized Programs:

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

During the program you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals.
  • Explore new foods.
  • Understand and reduce cravings.
  • Increase energy.
  • Feel better in your body.
  • Improve personal relationships.

Online Health & Nutrition Classes – Here are some of the testimonies of people who took my online health class: Six Weeks to a New You! I will announce upcoming online classes as they become available for enrollment.

About Health Coach Michele

In September 2015, my husband Mike was diagnosed with cholangio-carcinoma; a rare and deadly cancer of the bile ducts. He was given about six months to live. We were devastated.

Up until this cancer diagnosis – we believed we ate a pretty “healthy” diet, but we were wrong.

Once Mike was diagnosed with deadly cancer, we contacted a Naturopathic Doctor and followed her health directions precisely – and  after making monumental nutritional lifestyle changes, and lots of prayer – Mike is cancer free!

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