Elias & Michele Cutest Story Teller!

Elias & Michele – The Cutest Story Teller!

Have you ever met a person with such joy, life, and charisma, you just had to learn their story right away? That was me and Elias.

We clicked. We laughed, we hugged and we began swapping stories right away.

I turned on my voice memo app and began recording Elias’ humorous and rather horrifying stories.

Elias is the inspiration for my blog title:


As I listened to Elias share his painful history amidst prophetic, charismatic church culture, I so related with the pain of it all. What amazed me most was, despite all the pain and loss he has endured at the hands of  immature, naïve Christians, Elias still loves Jesus. He has been able to sort through the garbage of human ego, bad theology, and downright “dirty” church politics, and remain a lover of God. And, he loves people too!  A true quality that speaks of the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart. The difficult, yet sad truth is, if you’ve been part of “Christian Church Culture” for any length of time, you’ve been hurt, discouraged, disillusioned – and maybe – you’ve walked away from all forms of organized church. I can’t blame you. I’ve been hurt too – And yet – despite it all – I STILL LOVE JESUS!

JOIN THE CONVERSATION! We laugh, cry, rant, and get into heated, controversial debates but, we still love Jesus. He’s what it’s all about. Loving Him. And, loving each other, it really doesn’t get any better than that!

I will be sharing stories about people who have suffered tremendous loss, and still love Jesus. People who have come out of religious cults, and still love Jesus.

Friends, what ever crisis, loss, disillusionment we experience – Jesus is here to love us – heal us – mend our broken hearts – and teach us to love.

Follow our posts – or come back and visit from time to time – we’ll be adding stories and posts often to keep things alive, informative and hopefully inspiring, as we learn how to still love Jesus – no matter what!



Some years ago, while teaching a women’s retreat for a multi-denominational Christian organization supporting American Army troops abroad, The Holy Spirit blessed us with His presence. Women were baptized in the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Some women were delighted! Others were not.

Some of the leaders of this organization, who adamantly believed that God does not do this sort of thing now a days – marched off in protest to the Army Chaplain in charge.

Now, the beauty of this particular Army Chaplain was, while I was teaching up front, he was pacing in the back corridor, outside the main doors to the conference room, praying for God to move, touch, and heal the women in his care. These women were all army wives who husbands were deployed in various positions around the world in active duty. This Chaplain lived, loved, and exhibited Jesus to all of us. I will never forget how he handled the brewing mess handed to him.

When the leaders opposing the move of the Spirit called for a full Scriptural tribunal, this wise man of God stepped in and put out the fire. He said, “There will be no tribunal. This will stop.” He used a phrase I had never heard before, and have never forgotten,

“Sprinkle, Dunk, Soak – it’s all about Jesus!”

The Chaplain was referring to water baptism and all the various ways Christian religions have argued how to do it right for centuries. In essence, no matter how you entered the water, you entered into Jesus’ death, resurrection and new life. It’s all about Jesus – from the beginning to the end.

Some of us believe the gifts are for today, and some of us do not. Arguing, dividing, even hating and maligning one another, is not love. In Jesus, we are one body. In Jesus, we are one family. In Jesus, we can lay down our dividing theologies, and love one another. When we do, the world will look on and see – we belong to Him.

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