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Elul – The Love Song Month – The King Is In The Field!

Elul – The Love-Song Month of Preparation!

We are once again in the wonderful Hebrew Month of ELUL. The unique 29-day period of time each year dedicated to reflecting, and renewing our love relationship with King Jesus.

In Jewish tradition, Elul is the month of the Love Song:

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” (Song of Solomon 6:3). 

Elul is the time when the Jewish people liken God to a King who leaves His royal palace and comes into the field in order to meet with His people – to hear their hearts, and answer their petitions.

It is believed that Elul is the time of year – God Himself – is closer than any other time. This is the month to ask the King of Kings for everything you need!  Continue reading

TODAY – Passover & Good Friday – The One New Man (Part Three Passover Series)

Jesus donkeyToday Is Good Friday, the day all of Christendom remembers and honors Jesus’ suffering and death upon the Cross of Calvary.

Today is also Erev Pesach – the Eve of Passover. The very night that Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated Passover with His disciples and instituted the New Covenant in His body and blood (1Cor 11:23-25).


TODAY is the perfect day of celebration for the One New Man (Eph. 2:11-16).  Messianic Jews and Gentiles  – united  – celebrating the Passover Seder. Both groups as one, celebrating and remembering our Blessed Redeemer Yeshua, our Passover Lamb.

Just now as I wrote the word TODAY for the fourth time – I am reminded of this warning, Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts,” (Hebrews 3:15; 4:7).

TODAY is a new day of revelation that Jews are to live as Jews – even after receiving Jesus as Messiah. And, Gentiles are not called to be Jews. Both are one in Jesus. Together we celebrate the biblical feasts of the Lord as laid out by God in the Torah. Continue reading

My Shabbat Testimony

A friend is teaching about the Feasts of the Lord and Shabbat at her church. She asked me if I would write out my testimony regarding Shabbat. I was happy to do this – and decided to share it here…

In January 2011, I had the joyful privilege of traveling to Israel to spend a week in Jerusalem with dear friends. While booking my flight, a Jewish travel agent wanted me to land in Tel Aviv on Friday evening. I told her no because that was Shabbat. She asked me a question that got me thinking.

“So tell me, what does Shabbat mean to you?”

Good question. I knew what it meant to my Jewish friends. I loved sharing Shabbat dinners with them, lighting the candles and hearing them pray in Hebrew. These times were always sacred, special and meaningful. But up until then, it was all about my Jewish friends, not me. I’m not Jewish.

While in Jerusalem, my friends took me to pray in the biblical gardens of Yad HaShmona, a Messianic Moshav in the ancient hills of Judea. The Holy Spirit led us to pray Isaiah 58:13-14.

   “If you watch your step on the Sabbath, and don’t use my holy day for personal advantage, If you treat the Sabbath as a day of joy, God’s holy day as a celebration, If you honor it by refusing ‘business as usual,’ making money, running here and there— Then you’ll be free to enjoy God!     Oh, I’ll make you ride high and soar above it all. I’ll make you feast on the inheritance of your ancestor Jacob.” Yes! God says so!” (Is 58:13-14 MSG).

I saw for the first time that God had not abolished the Sabbath, nor had He given it only to Jews. Honoring Shabbat came with a promise of God – to ride on high and soar above it all! To feast on the inheritance of Jacob – Astounding!

That same night we went to Sukkot Hallel – the House of Payer on Mount Zion. As we worshipped, the Lord came to me and asked me, “Will you come into My Shabbat?” Continue reading