Elul – The Love Song Month – The King Is In The Field!

ELUL – the Love Song Month of Preparation!

We are once again in the wonderful Hebrew Month of ELUL (August 12 – Sept 9, 2018).

Elul is the unique 29-day period of time each year dedicated to preparing our hearts to usher in the Biblical Fall Feasts of the Lord; Rosh Hashanah (Sept 9-10), Yom Kippur (Sept 19) and Tabernacles (Sept 24 – 30).

In Jewish tradition, Elul is the month of the Love Song; “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine” (Song of Solomon 6:3).  Continue reading

Prophetic Word – The Great Divide!



Prophetic Word

As I ponder, pray, and seek the Lord’s revelation of these days, here is what He spoke to me in prayer on February 7, 2018.

The words typed in blue are written precisely as I heard them spoken to me by the Holy Spirit:

“Beware the Great Divide. A line has been drawn in the sand and numerous, desperate plans are now underway, plans to ratchet up deception.”

“As the Great Divide increases – eyes will see!”

“Those who are now liberal but have a human heart of compassion for their fellow man will feel within them the ‘line’ they cannot cross because their inner conviction of righteousness will not allow them to cross that line and they will turn from the Left and seek righteousness – and in this act – “I will forgive and bring them to My light,” says the Lord.” Continue reading

The Great Divide – #Walkaway from Hate!

The GREAT DIVIDE – #Walkaway from Hate!

Since the Presidential Election of Donald Trump in 2016, the Lord has been speaking to me about the GREAT DIVIDE.

The Lord showed me the great divide would separate the “Liberal Left”  and “Alt-Right” into two distinct, separate camps; or sides.

The agenda of the liberal left demands allegiance to their dictates and politically ‘correct’ narrative, otherwise you will be ostracized, criticized, hated, maligned and expunged from their ranks. Continue reading

God Interrupted Hell’s Timeline to WWIII

God Stepped into History and “PAUSED” Hell’s Timeline of WWIII & The Establishment of the New World Order

There  is a ‘shadow‘ network of humans, in cooperation with demons, working hard behind the scenes of world governments, and banking systems, to launch WWIII.

Out of the ashes of WWIII’s world-wide catastrophic disaster, the ‘Man of Peace’ will arise, and the Religion of the New World Order will be established.

What I’ve written here is defined by Wikipedia as a “conspiracy theory.” 

Continue reading

Building Our “TRUST” Account

What does it look like to build a “Trust Account” with God?

Abraham trusted God’s promise that he would become the father of nations and God credited Abraham’s “account” as righteousness.

“Abraham put his TRUST in God, and it was CREDITED TO HIS ACCOUNT as Righteousness” (Romans 4:3 CJB).

Every time we trust in God – He “credits” our “account” as an act of righteousness!

And every time we trust in Jesus, our TRUST ACCOUNT increases! 

BECAUSE…When we trust in Jesus – We Experience Jesus as “Trustworthy.”

When we TRUST in the person and work of Jesus, we are building our house upon the ROCK.

A “Trust Account” on the ROCK of Jesus will not be destroyed when the storms of life – and the storms of this ever increasing “god-less” age – crash onto the shores of America, and into our own homes and the lives of those we love. Continue reading

Passover – The ULTIMATE Fulfillment!


In 2004 I had the honor and privilege of experiencing Israel for the first time. And it was there, in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, that the Lord opened my eyes to the significance of celebrating Passover each year.

As we took communion, and I pondered the words of Jesus, “Do this in Remembrance of Me,” I realized that it was during the Passover meal that Jesus spoke these words. In essence what Jesus was saying is –

     “Now, when you celebrate Passover – REMEMBER ME, (1 Cor 11:24)

Yeshua was INCLUDING His fulfillment of Passover – into the Passover celebration.  Not fulfilling it in a way that we are no longer to celebrate a FOREVER ordinance of God! Continue reading

Vision to Climb in a Season of Adversity

Surprisingly, I was BORN-AGAIN and experienced my very first VISION – in a Catholic Church, in 1978.

I share this vision now – because I believe it has a special message for us as we traverse this difficult season of adversity.

Pressure is increasing against Christians. Our nation is experiencing a great divide since the election of Donald J. Trump to the White House.

Christians find themselves on two sides of heated issues that are increasing the tension and disunity among believers.

I believe days will become more difficult – so it is imperative we learn how to find our peace in Jesus. And keep focused on Him, and His purposes in the earth.

The Kingdom of God – and the Kingdom of Satan are in a cataclysmic clash all over the earth. There is a great divide, which will increase as the light of God becomes brighter, and evil darkness manifests itself in ever increasing levels.

Jesus and Satan are after the hearts of man, as it has always been. However, as the end of the age approaches, the battle lines are becoming more clear, and the war is elevating.  Continue reading

The REAL St. Patrick of Ireland! In the Power of Elijah!



– Patrick of Ireland (c. 381 – 461) whose feast day we celebrate on March 17th.

First of all, Patrick was not Catholic and had no ties to the church in Rome.

Patrick Operated in the Miraculous – Dead Raising – Devil Conquering – Power of Elijah! – PREVAILING over the sorcery and witchcraft of the ancient druids. 

Patrick is credited with raising as many as 33 people from the dead – including one horse! And, some of these people had been dead for years!  Seriously. Years. Continue reading

“The Bride Revival!”



As I seek the heart of our Bridegroom King – I am always seeking to hear what the Spirit is saying to us – His bride – because we are the ones who carry His presence in the earth.

It is imperative God’s people understand what He is doing and where He wants us interacting with Him to bring His Kingdom here upon the earth.

For some time now, I have been seeking God for His “NOW” Word. I continue to ask Him…

“God, What are You Doing in the Earth?”

“God What are You saying to Your People?”

I am going to share here some of what I have been hearing from the Holy Spirit for the past several months of this year of 2016.

The first of the series of prophetic  words I am going to share is about the BRIDE REVIVAL.

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Jesus Speaks of TRUST – As Our “Righteous Acts.”

TRUSTING JESUS is the “Righteous Acts” that Clothe The Bride on Her Wedding Day!

One morning Jesus shared with me that trust in Him is actually the “action” that clothes His Bride at the great Wedding Feast of the Lamb! (Rev 19:8).

While pondering the beauty of Jesus, and His love for me as His bride, I prayed through some of my favorite “bridal” Scriptures and two descriptive phrases of the bride jumped out at me that morning…

The first was the bride’s  “fragrant oils” (Songs 4:10-11),

And the second was the bride’s wedding garment ofrighteous acts,” (Rev 19: 7-9).

I personalized these Scriptures for my own life and asked Jesus this question:

 “I feel today Beloved, You are drawing me to these issues – What are “my oils?” And what are the “righteous acts” You deem worthy to clothe me in?”

Here is what Jesus answered me: Continue reading