A Man I Never Knew –

This poem was written by a young woman who met Jesus while she was in prison. The simplicity of her child-like faith blessed me so much I asked her for a copy and she gave me permission to share it with others.


Written by Mona McCall  in CRC Women’s Prison, 1993 

I never knew a man – a man I couldn’t see.

A man that says I could be everything, I ever dreamed I could be.

 A man that takes away everything, the biggest of my fears,

A man that says He counts not just one… but all my tears.  

A man that gives me sunshine, and showers me with rain,

A man that holds me close – When my heart is filled with pain.

 It was hard at first, for me to trust… Trust a man I couldn’t see.

 It was hard for me to understand – How could this man love me?

 But I do know such a man.  And it’s not so hard to believe,

That this man will always love me for being nothing special, just me.

 This man I know is JESUS CHRIST, And He’s given me all that I need.

And the one thing I can give Him back…  Is being everything He wants me to be.


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