Jesus Speaks of TRUST – As Our “Righteous Acts.”

TRUSTING JESUS is the “Righteous Acts” that Clothe The Bride on Her Wedding Day!

One morning Jesus shared with me that trust in Him is actually the “action” that clothes His Bride at the great Wedding Feast of the Lamb! (Rev 19:8).

While pondering the beauty of Jesus, and His love for me as His bride, I prayed through some of my favorite “bridal” Scriptures and two descriptive phrases of the bride jumped out at me that morning…

The first was the bride’s  “fragrant oils” (Songs 4:10-11),

And the second was the bride’s wedding garment ofrighteous acts,” (Rev 19: 7-9).

I personalized these Scriptures for my own life and asked Jesus this question:

 “I feel today Beloved, You are drawing me to these issues – What are “my oils?” And what are the “righteous acts” You deem worthy to clothe me in?”

Here is what Jesus answered me:


“TRUST, when you don’t see. Trust when you don’t understand. Trust in my character. Trust in my leadership. Trust and obedience even in the cost of a request. I watch. I guard. I wait. I am careful in my leadership. I value the thoughts of my servants. I value their trust. I value the interaction with my people – those who turn to me and call upon me, and then wait to hear what I have to say.”

“Speaking my name when others will scoff and ridicule. Making a stand for what is right even when others will turn aside and follow no more.”

“Turning away from evil in all its forms when it is presented.”

“Hearing, trusting, obeying; this is not a blind obedience. I seek the obedience of trust born from a relationship of love’s desires fulfilled. Trust in proven character – proven identity, proven love. Even when you know not the outcome of a choice, a decision, a journey, a crisis, you know WHO it is who is requesting and requiring your trust, your obedience – your action.”

“For yes, action is required. TRUST ITSELF IS ACTION, it is not immobility that brings helplessness, but the action of love that releases the fragrance of obedience which is the fragrance of the Cross.”

“The pain of obedience brings forth the sweet spice of devotion – devotion that even when tested to its limits – clings to the outcome of love’s desire, fulfilled.”

“What is required of thee oh man? Love mercy. Do justly. Walk humbly with your God. This child, is the action that brings forth fragrance. Individual fragrance mingled with my fragrance – each spice adds a nuance, a ‘flavor’ of fragrance – a bouquet of glory that soothes the ache of unrequited love – love rejected, love despised…”

“Therefore, when love springs forth in a weary heart, worn by life’s travail and turns to me and cries out for mercy, cries out for healing, cries out for love’s fulfillment, it is oh so very precious to me. A weary, fragile heart, allowing itself to beat again in hope brings my heart rapturous joy.

Oh what joy I experience when a heart beaten down by sin’s abuse turns to me and asks me to awaken it, heal it, open it to my presence, my touch, my life – I drop the dew of my life in such a heart. I being life and heal the broken, shattered heart.”

There is so much to “unpack” in these words Jesus spoke to me about the power and action of trust. I hope you find them as encouraging as I do.

During my years  of being weighed down by the abusive religious spirit, I thought of “righteous acts,” as all the deeds that I “should” perform for God. But, having Jesus share with me that acts of trust, are acts of righteousness – I think to myself – “I can do this!”

Trust is not performance. Trust is love. Trust is action. Trust empowers our walk of faith on earth. Trust is a pleasing aroma to God because trust is the aroma of the cross! Trusting in the PERSON and WORK of Jesus  – becomes the “righteous acts,” we are clothed with on our wedding day!

Now this is GOOD NEWS!


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