The REAL St. Patrick of Ireland! In the Power of Elijah!



– Patrick of Ireland (c. 381 – 461) whose feast day we celebrate on March 17th.

First of all, Patrick was not Catholic and had no ties to the church in Rome.

Patrick Operated in the Miraculous – Dead Raising – Devil Conquering – Power of Elijah! – PREVAILING over the sorcery and witchcraft of the ancient druids. 

Patrick is credited with raising as many as 33 people from the dead – including one horse! And, some of these people had been dead for years!  Seriously. Years.


Patrick was part of the glorious – Celtic Revival – which was actually, the Messianic Church – which lasted nearly 300 years. A time when Jews and Gentiles lived and worshipped together as the one new man (Eph 2:11-16). Patrick celebrated Passover and kept Shabbat.

The Celtic – Messianic church of Ireland, Scotland and Britain can trace their foundation back to John, Paul and Phillip… BEFORE – Constantine made sweeping changes in the church and removed the celebration of the Jewish Feasts of the Lord (see below for references).


Patrick consecrated 350 bishops, erected 700 churches, and ordained 5,000 non-Catholic priests who married and raised families. Patrick set up monasteries that became apostolic learning centers where the peasants were taught to read and kings learned to live according to the holy ordnances of God.  

Patrick taught and emphasized that every believer have a thorough knowledge of the bible. Many of the monastic learning centers he established passed from fathers to sons, for many generations. These monasteries were training centers where missionaries were trained to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with attesting signs and wonders following.  Patrick’s converts moved out over all of Ireland, and into vast regions of Scotland. Patrick made disciples of the nations – just as Jesus commanded in the great commission (Matt 28:18-20).


St. Patrick is attributed to removing ALL of the snakes of Ireland, this claim cannot be proven. However, power encounters between Patrick and druid witches and sorcerers are historically documented through the writings of the church.

Below is an encounter between Patrick  and the druid witches that reminds me of Elijah on Mount Karmel, when he summoned the idolatrous prophets of Baal and Ashtoreth to the power encounter of fire; “I will call on the name of Adonai; and the God who answers with fire, let him be God!” (1Kings18:24 CJB).

The sorcery of the druids did bring about mysterious occurrences in the seasons, which you will read below. These sorcerers operated in dark magic just as the sorcerers in Egypt who could imitate the plagues of Egypt – up to a point, but God’s power ultimately conquers all evil. And in Jesus, we have authority over all the demonic works of the enemy.

(Here are a few excerpts from; Ancient Irish Church Missionary Labours of Saint Patrick; pages 17-34).

 433 A.D. – ON THE HILL OF SLANE – “It was a time of great witchcraft – the fire ritual and incantations of the druids were meant to stave off famine and calamity. While the pagan festival was enacted – Patrick lit a fire on Easter Eve – The pagans claimed Patrick had made a ‘circle of magic light’ that would bring calamity upon them – they called upon King Leary who came with his many chariots and a great retinue to see this fire.”

“King Leary was told not to go into the circle of magic fire made by the mysterious man because he would be bewitched – so the king summoned Patrick to come to him, a fair distance from the fire, but still seeing the light by the fire Patrick had created. Patrick instructed his companions to begin chanting the Scripture, “Some put their trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God.” And, Patrick approached the King. Patrick showed no fear and told King Leary that he would present himself to the king’s court. And there, Patrick preached the gospel among the Druids.”

“Patrick did not say there was no power in the Druid beliefs – but rather – that there was a ‘greater power that would truly deliver and protect those who called upon the Lord from the incantations of witches, and evil sorcery'” (page 32).

“Patrick claimed, ‘The Druids could only use their power for destruction and evil, whereas the power of God was a manifestation of goodness. The heathen priests could bring calamities of different kinds – they could turn summer into winter and light into darkness, but they were unable to reverse the process. Even the evils they were able to inflict they were powerless to remove. But the almightiness of God was not only beyond any power wielded by the Druids – it was different in kind. It brought light and healing and blessing instead of cursing and destruction.” 

Patrick’s own writings say: “the converts can be numbered in the many thousands – formerly pagans – have become the people of the Lord and the sons are called the sons of God, and that these sons of the Scots, and daughters of the princes were ready to suffer reproaches and persecution for the sake of Christ. “That all of this should be accomplished through the life of one man, and principally as a result of his exertions is a fact almost unexampled in the history of the church.” (Chap III, Missionary Labours of St Patrick, Page 27).


When I learned the true identity of Patrick I recognized why the “Mockers of March” had set about turning his celebration into a day of drunken revelry.


St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th, the traditional day of his death, with green beer, dancing leprechauns, parades and all night pub crawls! Of all the saints we celebrate in the world of Christendom, I do not know of any other saint who is singled out and “celebrated” in such a way.

Saint “Paddy’s Day” has become the ‘song of the drunkard.‘ The only other person whose name has become “the theme of drunkards’ songs” – is Jesus (Ps. 69:12 CJB). This fact is what really clued me in to the significance of the mocking that surrounds the life of this incredible saint of God. Patrick exemplified the ‘greater works than these’ Jesus promised (John 14:12).


 I feel The Holy Spirit is highlighting the life of Patrick at this time – for a reason. Patrick squared off with the powers of witchcraft with signs and wonders that brought repentance and salvation to MULTITUDES of former witches and sorcerers.

In our day, witchcraft and the occult are rising in popularity at an alarming rate. The demarcation between light and darkness is increasing. Mocking against Jesus and Christianity is increasing. We need to know, understand, and operate in the delivering power of God.


Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, God has been awakening the church to the importance and significance of the Jewish roots of our faith.

The Celtic church did not separate between Jew and Gentile. Patrick celebrated Shabbat and Passover – and I see God re-establishing these truths into the church of our day. Jews and Gentiles are coming together once again, to celebrate our common faith in Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah.

As Passover approaches this year, more Christians are participating in Messianic Seder celebrations than has happened since the days of the early church. God is moving! God is establishing His truth in the earth. These are exciting days to be alive and participating with our Messiah – King Yeshua – to establish His Kingdom in the earth.

The “Mocking Messengers – The Passover Series” will continue in the next few blog posts. I will be sharing the mockers on the world stage next time. Stay tuned!


References regarding Patrick & Celtic Church celebrating Passover and keeping Shabbat:

Quotes below taken from: Patrick & The Early Celtic Church

 “They brought with them the doctrine which they received of John, Paul, Philip, and the other apostles of the Lord, which included not only the observance of the seventh day Sabbath, but also the commemoration of Christ’s death upon the 14th of Abib–Passover!”

“It seems to have been customary in the Celtic churches of early times, in Ireland as well as Scotland, to keep Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, as a day of rest from labor. They obeyed the fourth commandment literally upon the seventh day of the week.” (James C. Moffatt, D. D.,The Church in Scotland, Philadelphia: 1882, p.140)

“It is probable that the primitive Christians kept the Pasch on the 14th of Nisan as determined by the Jewish authorities, and regarded it as the anniversary of the crucifixion. …(James F. Kenney, The Sources for the Early History of Ireland, Vol.1, pp.211, 212; Columbia University Press, New York, 1929)

“…they ignorantly refuse to observe our Easter [Pascha] on which Christ was sacrificed, arguing that it should be observed with the Hebrew Passover on the fourteenth of the moon.” (Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica, II, 19 wherein Bede quoted “Pope” John’s words concerning the Celtic brethren).

 To read more of Patrick’s history & miracles of raising people who had been dead for many years – read: online

9 thoughts on “The REAL St. Patrick of Ireland! In the Power of Elijah!

    1. Michele Post author

      Hi Eric,

      Thank you for your question. The reason I stated that Patrick was not Catholic and had no ties to the church in Rome, is to open our eyes to see him as he was. A man of faith and trust, moving in the fullness of God’s Holy Spirit, exhibiting miraculous signs and wonders in the power of Elijah. Patrick celebrated Passover – not Easter – and the holy day of the Lord’s Sabbath on Saturday, rather than Sunday (see references and links at end of article).

      Personally, growing up Catholic, I was quite surprised Patrick was not Catholic! It came as a shock to me. Which, opened my eyes to see his life in a new light. To date, Patrick of Ireland is one of the most powerful and successful men of God in the recorded history of the church. Catholics claimed him for their own because of the work he accomplished for the gospel. The Catholic church claimed him in order to bring unity in their ranks, many years after Patrick’s life.

      Patrick, and the early church of his day celebrated Passover and Shabbat, as Gentiles who love Jesus as Savior, and celebrate Him as the Passover Lamb. The church in Rome had pulled away from all things Jewish, and not too long after Patrick’s life, great persecution rose up against the church in Ireland, and Scotland, moving to abolish all ties to the Jewish roots of our faith. And they succeeded!

      The church in Rome took pagan feasts – and tied Christian celebrations to them. Then ferociously, meticulously, and horrendously persecuted the Jews! Rather than taking the truth of the entire Word of God, and incorporating God’s established feasts and festivals clearly laid out in Scripture – and celebrating these biblical feasts through their fulfillment in the life, death and resurrection of our Jewish Messiah.

      I feel it is important to see Patrick of Ireland for who he is in history. Patrick was not a Catholic priest, building monasteries for Catholicism, but rather an apostolic leader, raising up disciples of the cross of Jesus Christ, incorporating Jesus fulfillment of the Jewish Feasts into his life and theology.

      I believe the Lord in this day is awakening His church to the fullness of Jew and Gentile – together as the One New Man(Eph 2:13-16). And together, we are a powerful picture of the fullness of our Messiah who came to save both Jews and Gentiles.

      For more about Patrick’s life, there are links in my article. Again, thank you for your questions – if this did not answer your question. Let me know!

      God bless you – as you seek His love & truth in your life!

    2. Michele Post author

      Hi again Eric – I just noticed this link you had posted. Sorry for not catching that before. Jimmy Akin states strongly that Patrick was born to a strong Roman Catholic family – and according to the history books I’ve read – this statement is not accurate. Clearly, the strong Catholic claim to Patrick’s life still rages on! You can read that Patrick was born to a deacon, and grandson of a priest here:

      Protestant priests married and fathered families, Catholic priests did not. Patrick founded the early Celtic church of Ireland – and you can see more if you hit the links I posted in my article.

      You’ve heard of the war between the Catholics & Protestants? It marches on in the Catholic’s claim to Patrick’s life.

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    1. Michele Post author

      Thank you for your comment Kristin. I love the real story of Patrick of Ireland – when I discovered the truth of his life – I just had to share! What an example of faith, courage and holy power this saint of God operated in!

  2. Daisy Sapida

    Hi Michele~ I read your Upper Room devotion which was a delightful story of adoption. I am looking forward to your posting of when Alison gets married and that your husband gets to walk her down the aisle. The power of prayers especially those that are answered is by itself a miracle when your husband was healed from the rare form of cancer. Thank you for sharing your life story that’s filled with faith, love, and hope. I must add, your article about St. Patrick brought light to my mind about who he truly was. Raised and borne a Catholic, now a Methodist for most of my life, I could not fathom why people of authority, i.e. those in Vatican, twisted the truth about Patrick. It only adds to confusion and disbelief for some who are already questioning their religion and existence of God! Please Note- this reply is not meant to be published but simply my personal note to you, Michele. Thanks again and God bless…

  3. Ruth Campbell

    Thank you so much for your incredible teaching about my Patron Saint Patrick. I have just returned from serving the Lord in Israel to Rostrevor,seat of great anti Semitism but nevertheless with a Remnant who understand the Jewish Feasts.
    May the Lord bless your Internet outreach teaching that many more eyes be opened regarding St Patrick!


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