Passover – The ULTIMATE Fulfillment!


In 2004 I had the honor and privilege of experiencing Israel for the first time. And it was there, in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, that the Lord opened my eyes to the significance of celebrating Passover each year.

As we took communion, and I pondered the words of Jesus, “Do this in Remembrance of Me,” I realized that it was during the Passover meal that Jesus spoke these words. In essence what Jesus was saying is –

     “Now, when you celebrate Passover – REMEMBER ME, (1 Cor 11:24)

Yeshua was INCLUDING His fulfillment of Passover – into the Passover celebration.  Not fulfilling it in a way that we are no longer to celebrate a FOREVER ordinance of God!

Passover is not only a celebration for the Jews – but a celebration of remembering the greatest deliverance of ALL TIME – when The Most High God, through miraculous signs and wonders – delivered His entire nation out of the hands of slavery – and into HIS hands of loving kindness and salvation.

God promised to lead His people into a land flowing with milk and honey – And He did! Yes, it was full of giants – and that we will address at another time. However, the point of the story is – GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES!

At the institution of Passover, God decreed this would be a forever ordinance to be commemorated throughout every generation (Exodus 12:14-27).

I believe God laid out this “forever” ordinance of celebrating Passover for ALL who would come to know and love Messiah, Yeshua – especially in the light of Yeshua becoming the Passover Lamb (John 1:29).

The more we understand our JEWISH Messiah – Yeshua – the more we understand that everything He taught – how He lived every moment of His life – and how He faithfully and obediently died on the cross and rose again from the dead, fulfilled the covenants of promise God made with the children of Israel.

I invite you, Beloved – seek King Jesus – He has so much to delight your heart with through these magnificent feasts of The LORD; especially Passover.

Passover is the commemoration of the greatest deliverance God has ever enacted upon the earth. It is greater than the story of Noah – because God delivered His entire nation, while bringing Egypt – the greatest civilization on the earth – to its knees.

Passover is the yearly celebration when the Jewish people create a family meal, and prepare the Seder plate, which commemorates all of the elements of the suffering of the Jewish people while in slavery in Egypt. Together, everyone revisits the plagues of Egypt, and God’s great deliverance. They eat unleavened bread – leaven is a type of sin – and the stripped, pieced unleavened Matzoh eaten is actually a type of our sinless Messiah Yeshua, who became sin for us and died as the Passover Lamb.

If Passover wasn’t PIVOTAL to our faith – pivotal to the salvation of ALL mankind – then God would not have made it a forever ordinance to be celebrated every year throughout all the generations.

If the PASSOVER story is not PIVOTAL for the understanding – and fulfillment of ALL Scripture – then the Lamb of God wouldn’t be referred to 29 times in the book of Revelation!

The apostle John saw the LAMB – as if slaughtered – standing before the throne! (Rev 5:6). It is the obedient LAMB of God –  victorious over sin, death and the grave that has authority to break the seals, and fulfill the judgments and deliverance of God – at the FINAL Passover deliverance of God over all the earth.

The plagues of the book of Revelation mirror the plagues God enacted over the idolatrous gods of Egypt. God rendered ALL the false gods of Egypt powerless – and delivered His people from the greatest empire the world had ever known. The pyramids of Egypt stand to this day as a testimony to the greatness of that fallen empire – and the glory of Elohim – the Supreme God –  who brought them down. God drown Pharaoh, and all of his armies in the Nile river, as just punishment for Pharaoh’s decree to drown the Hebrew male babies in the Nile.

The original Passover is actually the “pre-cursor” to the ultimate deliverance God will enact upon Anti-Christ (the final Pharaoh), the false prophetic (evil sorcery & idolatry), and all the wicked armies of the earth that come against Israel at the final battle of Armageddon.

Celebrating Passover is a way to fortify our faith for these days we live. God is preparing to deliver Israel, the Jewish people, and all the earth from the evil that is rising right now in the earth. We are heading into world conflict. We are heading into the days that will bring Jesus back to the earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I encourage you Beloved, know the Word of God. Draw close to Jesus, and spend time with Him in His Word. Knowing the delivering power of our God increases our faith to face the most challenging of circumstances – head on – IN JESUS – our Passover Lamb.


Yeshua our Messiah fulfilled the first four biblical feasts at His first coming to the earth – and will fulfill the final four feasts at His second coming.

 As we grow in the understanding of our rich Jewish roots – the bible takes on even greater significance and revelation.

When we see and understand how Jesus has already fulfilled the first four feasts – and know how He will fulfill the last three, then we are better equipped to understand end times, and the coming of the Lord.

The Passover Seder: 

If you would like to celebrate your own Seder at home with love ones – here is a wonderful  Messianic Haggadah to download and follow. It is beautifully written and easy to follow. Celebrating Seder is a precious time to gather together and remember the Lord. It is a beautiful way to experience Yeshua as the Passover Lamb, and REMEMBER Him as He has asked us to.

The Passover Story; Exodus Chapter 5 through Chapter 12:

If a Seder is too much to deal with for now – then I encourage you to light candles, and prepare communion elements – and prayerfully read the Passover Story in Exodus chapters five through twelve.

As you read and take communion, trust that Jesus has much to share with you through His Passover story. After all, Beloved – you are Betrothed to the LAMB of God. Know Him as Lamb, and know Him as deliverer and savior to the utter most.


Shalom & Love,

Michele M. Rizzo

Founder, Director

Lovesong Ministries (501 (c)(3)


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