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Here we talk about loving Jesus, choosing to walk with Him in love, despite religious abuse, loss and tragedy. Learning to overcome, and walk in the triumphant of love.

Building Our “TRUST” Account

What does it look like to build a “Trust Account” with God?

Abraham trusted God’s promise that he would become the father of nations and God credited Abraham’s “account” as righteousness.

“Abraham put his TRUST in God, and it was CREDITED TO HIS ACCOUNT as Righteousness” (Romans 4:3 CJB).

Every time we trust in God – He “credits” our “account” as an act of righteousness!

And every time we trust in Jesus, our TRUST ACCOUNT increases! 

BECAUSE…When we trust in Jesus – We Experience Jesus as “Trustworthy.”

When we TRUST in the person and work of Jesus, we are building our house upon the ROCK.

A “Trust Account” on the ROCK of Jesus will not be destroyed when the storms of life – and the storms of this ever increasing “god-less” age – crash onto the shores of America, and into our own homes and the lives of those we love. Continue reading

Passover – The ULTIMATE Fulfillment!


In 2004 I had the honor and privilege of experiencing Israel for the first time. And it was there, in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, that the Lord opened my eyes to the significance of celebrating Passover each year.

As we took communion, and I pondered the words of Jesus, “Do this in Remembrance of Me,” I realized that it was during the Passover meal that Jesus spoke these words. In essence what Jesus was saying is –

     “Now, when you celebrate Passover – REMEMBER ME, (1 Cor 11:24)

Yeshua was INCLUDING His fulfillment of Passover – into the Passover celebration.  Not fulfilling it in a way that we are no longer to celebrate a FOREVER ordinance of God! Continue reading

Jesus Speaks of TRUST – As Our “Righteous Acts.”

TRUSTING JESUS is the “Righteous Acts” that Clothe The Bride on Her Wedding Day!

One morning Jesus shared with me that trust in Him is actually the “action” that clothes His Bride at the great Wedding Feast of the Lamb! (Rev 19:8).

While pondering the beauty of Jesus, and His love for me as His bride, I prayed through some of my favorite “bridal” Scriptures and two descriptive phrases of the bride jumped out at me that morning…

The first was the bride’s  “fragrant oils” (Songs 4:10-11),

And the second was the bride’s wedding garment ofrighteous acts,” (Rev 19: 7-9).

I personalized these Scriptures for my own life and asked Jesus this question:

 “I feel today Beloved, You are drawing me to these issues – What are “my oils?” And what are the “righteous acts” You deem worthy to clothe me in?”

Here is what Jesus answered me: Continue reading

A Man I Never Knew –

This poem was written by a young woman who met Jesus while she was in prison. The simplicity of her child-like faith blessed me so much I asked her for a copy and she gave me permission to share it with others.


Written by Mona McCall  in CRC Women’s Prison, 1993 

I never knew a man – a man I couldn’t see.

A man that says I could be everything, I ever dreamed I could be.

 A man that takes away everything, the biggest of my fears,

A man that says He counts not just one… but all my tears.  

A man that gives me sunshine, and showers me with rain,

A man that holds me close – When my heart is filled with pain.

 It was hard at first, for me to trust… Trust a man I couldn’t see.

 It was hard for me to understand – How could this man love me? Continue reading

KILL the Lion of FEAR!


Have you ever faced the LION of FEAR?

It’s ferocious. Deadly. Real.

The moment my husband Mike was diagnosed with deadly cancer – both FEAR and FAITH – declared war in my heart.

FAITH – God is greater than any cancer diagnosis! God heals! Jesus loves me!

FEAR –  But… all the people who I have ever fought for in faith and prayer to be healed of cancer, died. Continue reading

The Lord called her, “Mrs. Valiant!”

valiantAnd she began to weep…

He went on to say,

“Devoted, endearing, steadfast and true,”

And she melted into my arms.

I held her as she sobbed in wonder – daring to believe – “This is how Jesus sees me? Mrs. Valiant? Not Much Afraid?” Oh yes He does!

Now, imagine being called valiant by God. How joyous! Exhilarating! Powerful! Not to mention a huge relief if we’ve been seeing ourselves as Much Afraid*!

When God speaks, we are transformed, empowered – and propelled into destiny. Continue reading

The Trust “Crash”

trust man not going to catchWhat happens when we choose to trust… take a risk… and that person or thing we trusted in does not catch us?

We crash.

And sometimes…  we break.

What does it look like to recover from a trust crash?  Well, that depends on who and what we are trusting in…

Circumstances? People? Ourselves? Or God?

Recovery depends on the height of our trust in God, the depth of the crash –

And the choices we make there on the floor. Continue reading

Beautiful Jesus – Our Healer

Jesus with childWhile being trained for prison ministry years ago, our wise, seasoned leader instructed us:

“Teach women how to connect with Jesus, not you. Jesus is the one with them in the middle of the night, in their darkest hour. He is their healer and savior, not you.”

I took these wise words to heart and have always sought to connect people with the only One who can heal and deliver them to the uttermost – Yeshua HaMashiach, The Lord Jesus Christ.

I LOVE seeing Jesus work in the hearts of His people – restoring, encouraging and loving us in personal, direct ways.

I had the honor, and profound privilege to teach and minister last weekend to the Women of Pathways Church. It was thrilling to experience The Holy Spirit moving through our midst, restoring hearts and granting greater clarity in personal life issues, and prophetic ministry for the future.

During the ministry time, the presence of the Lord was thick. Continue reading

My Shabbat Testimony

A friend is teaching about the Feasts of the Lord and Shabbat at her church. She asked me if I would write out my testimony regarding Shabbat. I was happy to do this – and decided to share it here…

In January 2011, I had the joyful privilege of traveling to Israel to spend a week in Jerusalem with dear friends. While booking my flight, a Jewish travel agent wanted me to land in Tel Aviv on Friday evening. I told her no because that was Shabbat. She asked me a question that got me thinking.

“So tell me, what does Shabbat mean to you?”

Good question. I knew what it meant to my Jewish friends. I loved sharing Shabbat dinners with them, lighting the candles and hearing them pray in Hebrew. These times were always sacred, special and meaningful. But up until then, it was all about my Jewish friends, not me. I’m not Jewish.

While in Jerusalem, my friends took me to pray in the biblical gardens of Yad HaShmona, a Messianic Moshav in the ancient hills of Judea. The Holy Spirit led us to pray Isaiah 58:13-14.

   “If you watch your step on the Sabbath, and don’t use my holy day for personal advantage, If you treat the Sabbath as a day of joy, God’s holy day as a celebration, If you honor it by refusing ‘business as usual,’ making money, running here and there— Then you’ll be free to enjoy God!     Oh, I’ll make you ride high and soar above it all. I’ll make you feast on the inheritance of your ancestor Jacob.” Yes! God says so!” (Is 58:13-14 MSG).

I saw for the first time that God had not abolished the Sabbath, nor had He given it only to Jews. Honoring Shabbat came with a promise of God – to ride on high and soar above it all! To feast on the inheritance of Jacob – Astounding!

That same night we went to Sukkot Hallel – the House of Payer on Mount Zion. As we worshipped, the Lord came to me and asked me, “Will you come into My Shabbat?” Continue reading

Why Are People Leaving the Church?

leaving church

     Alarming multitudes of  disillusioned, disappointed and discouraged people are leaving the church.

Not just the young, but all ages.



Otherwise, church becomes a social structure of “do’s” and “don’ts.”

A place where people learn a “system” of behavior that supposedly pleases God…

This system, when performed right, certainly pleases head pastors and church leaders, but has nothing to do with actually pleasing God. Or, knowing Jesus.

Church can become a human structure of performance, void of the living-breathing, life-transforming presence of the Holy Spirit.

We need God. Present. Healing. Transforming our lives. We need to feel and understand God loves us. Not only in words taught from the pulpit, but in and through God’s tangible presence working in and through His people.

The Business of Church? Or Jesus?

Church, without God’s presence, is business as usual. Boring. Irrelevant. Predictable. People going through the motions of what’s expected. No questions allowed. No rocking the boat of status quo.

Church business teaches the traditions and philosophy of men, which, make the Word of God of no affect (Mark 7: 7-9, Col 2:8).

Jesus not only rocked the boat of man’s traditions – He bypassed it all together and walked on water!

Jesus was the living embodiment of doing things God’s way, not man’s. The Kingdom of God, burst into the earth in Technicolor through Jesus.

Water turned to wine! The dead raised! Lepers cleansed! The blind see! The deaf hear!

Church should NEVER be boring!

The clock of human history stopped and started over with the birth of Jesus. B.C. – (Before Christ) became  A.D. – anno domini, which is Latin for; In the year of Our Lord.

People need to encounter this world-stopping Jesus! Not church business as usual. Continue reading