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The Great Divide – #Walkaway from Hate!

The GREAT DIVIDE – #Walkaway from Hate!

Since the Presidential Election of Donald Trump in 2016, the Lord has been speaking to me about the GREAT DIVIDE.

The Lord showed me the great divide would separate the “Liberal Left”  and “Alt-Right” into two distinct, separate camps; or sides.

The agenda of the liberal left demands allegiance to their dictates and politically ‘correct’ narrative, otherwise you will be ostracized, criticized, hated, maligned and expunged from their ranks. Continue reading

God Interrupted Hell’s Timeline to WWIII

God Stepped into History and “PAUSED” Hell’s Timeline of WWIII & The Establishment of the New World Order

There  is a ‘shadow‘ network of humans, in cooperation with demons, working hard behind the scenes of world governments, and banking systems, to launch WWIII.

Out of the ashes of WWIII’s world-wide catastrophic disaster, the ‘Man of Peace’ will arise, and the Religion of the New World Order will be established.

What I’ve written here is defined by Wikipedia as a “conspiracy theory.” 

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“I Am Stirring The Wind of The Eagles!”


On June 17th, The Lord spoke to me about eagles – And His prophetic strategies for this hour we live.

For years I have heard the prophetic ministry referred to as the ministry of EAGLES.

Here is what The Lord spoke to me June 17, 2016 – In the Hebrew Month of Sivan –


“I am stirring the WIND OF THE EAGLES and advancing My purposes, My vision, My strategy, My hope, My Joy!”

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KILL the Lion of FEAR!


Have you ever faced the LION of FEAR?

It’s ferocious. Deadly. Real.

The moment my husband Mike was diagnosed with deadly cancer – both FEAR and FAITH – declared war in my heart.

FAITH – God is greater than any cancer diagnosis! God heals! Jesus loves me!

FEAR –  But… all the people who I have ever fought for in faith and prayer to be healed of cancer, died. Continue reading